CBD and Your Skin: A Love Story

Yes, CBD is most definitely the cool kid of the beauty world right now. We can feel your skepticism from here. It’s palpable. But here’s the unexpected twist for those who’ve had their hearts broken by trend-du-jour skincare ingredients before: it’s legit, especially when it’s found in Cannabliss products. To help bring you into the light of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil skincare, we’ve gone to the trouble of anticipating your toughest questions and answering them. Join us, won’t you? 

Just really quickly, why should I even think about putting CBD hemp oil on my skin? 

Basically, because it’s such a powerful anti-inflammatory, and just about every skin condition we know of is linked to inflammation. 

Cool, so, what kind of conditions are we talking about here? 

All kinds of skin discomfort and irritation. It heals eczema and rashes, decreases acne and there’s even evidence to suggest it can help with radiation burns sustained during chemotherapy. 

What about benefits? 

Well, do you like plump skin? The kind that reduces fine lines and wrinkles? Would you like to moderate your sebum production? What about increased skin cell regeneration? Smaller pores? We’ll give you one guess as to what can do all that. 

Wow, that is…many of the things I would like to take care of. How does it help with all that? 

Hemp oil has a comedogenic rating of 0, which means it provides sufficient moisture without clogging your pores or leaving an oily feeling, and the GLA found in the oil encourages skin cell regeneration. Linoleum acid and oleic acid, which your body can’t produce on its own, take care of the anti-aging by plumping skin. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also an even more promising antioxidant than Vitamin C. Through your skin, the CBD has ready access to your endocannabinoid system. 

Endocannabinoid? That’s six syllables. Can you tell me what that is and what is has to do with my skin? 

Think of it as a regulatory agency within your own body. It works to move a variety of your body’s systems toward a state of homeostasis (balance). In terms of your skin, CBD hemp oil is interacting with your cannabinoid receptors to regulate inflammation, lipid and oil production (hello, acne control), bacteria and histamine release. As your largest organ, your skin has more of these cannabinoid receptors, and a denser concentration of them, than any other part of your body. To put it another way, your skin is designed to enjoy the company of CBD, and its receptors make it so you should see visible results quickly. 

But does it actually absorb into my skin well enough to be effective? 

Yes! CBD is permeable through pores and the top layer of skin, hair follicles and oil glands (all of which are rich in cannabinoid receptors), and though skin in general has a low absorption rate for cannabinoids, our products have a high enough concentration (87% CBD) to get through, and our Korean herb formulation gives an extra boost to the CBD absorption.  

Why is this any better than the hemp seed oil products I’ve used? 

Hemp seed oil has been used in beauty products for…ever. As the name suggests, it’s oil pressed out of the seed of the hemp plant. It’s non-comedogenic, so it’s great at providing moisture without clogging pores. Beyond that though, you’re not getting any of the benefits provided by the kind hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD oil Cannabliss uses, which comes from the flower of the plant, and preserves its nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Alright, last thing: I’m trying to get better skin, not get psychoactive. Am I going to be couch-bound and get really into Phish if I apply Cannabliss?

First of all, let’s not put Phish into the middle of this. Second of all, no. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and ours comes from hemp oil, which means there’s a zero-to-negligible amount of THC in it at all (0.3% or less by law). Long story short, you won’t be getting high.

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