The Entourage Effect

A-list stars are famous for their entourages, but what is the entourage effect when talking about the hemp plant?

Herbalists believe in holistic, whole-plant medicine – they use the entire plant for healing rather than isolating one ingredient. Evidence suggests that using a plant in its whole and natural state creates an entourage effect, meaning many components of the plant interact with the body to produce a stronger effect than just one element alone.

At Cannabliss Organic, we also practice the art of whole-plant healing. Our formulas use full spectrum hemp oil that contains the full cannabinoid profile, so you get all of the benefits of the natural hemp plant. In fact, our oil contains 87% CBD. Then we pair our phytocannabinoid hemp oil with ancient Korean herbs for an even more powerful, synergistic effect.

Every Cannabliss skincare formula is specifically blended to treat certain conditions, which is why we have different milligrams of CBD in each of our products. You wouldn’t use the same formula to treat epilepsy as you would psoriasis or wrinkles.

The natural, herbal ingredients we choose perfectly complement each other, and our full spectrum hemp oil, to work together with the body to nurture and heal.

Cannabliss Organic skincare allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the entourage effect – and you don’t have to be a movie star!

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