Why You’re Actually Absorbing Cannabliss and Not Other CBD Skincare

When we’re out talking with people about Cannabliss, it’s natural that a lot of the questions and comments we hear are about the hemp extract in our products. Hemp-derived CBD, having recently been made federally legal, is the ingredient that gets the most media attention. It’s the one people are eager to try for all manner of ailments and potential enhancements. And, not for nothing, it’s the one that gives our company its name. But what separates Cannabliss from other skincare lines (and cannabis-infused skincare in particular) is our use of the Korean herb formulas that have been passed down through generations and which make it possible for your skin to take full advantage of the benefits of CBD…

Herbs and Herbal Formulas

Herbal ingredients have been used in East Asian medicine for more than 5000 years. It’s a discipline that encompasses more than 1800 different plants, roots, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds, each categorized by their energy qualities and the way they interact with and help your various organ systems, meridians and neurohormones. Incidentally, hemp itself is one of the top-50 herbal elements used in Eastern Medicine.

How Herb Formulas and CBD Work Together

The most exciting skincare element of our proprietary Korean herbal formulas is their incredible bioavailability. Your body wants these herbs. It readily accepts and circulates them without leaving the kind of toxic buildup or creating the side-effects found in other products. Our herbalist has created a unique blend for each Cannabliss product—all of course free of parabens, gluten, silicones, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances or dyes—based on four centuries of family formulas and designed to create the ideal delivery system for our whole-plant hemp extract and its CBD, allowing your skin and body to absorb all the benefits of the helpful cannabinoid. And much like the whole-plant hemp extract in Cannabliss gives you the benefits of cannabis’ entourage effect, creating an impact greater than any single isolated element of the plant, our herb formulas are crafted to do more than any single ingredient might by itself. Naturally.

Your Skin on Korean Herbs

Along with the absorption and bioavailability properties of the herb formulas, each of the herbs included has its own body and skin-enhancing properties. Panax ginseng, a main component of the formulas found in our Revitalizing Serum, Face Lotion, Bliss Body Oil and Hemp Salve, is an adaptogen that can grow for up to 100 years. It also increases circulation to the dermal layers, providing essential nourishment to skin cells to help tone and brighten your complexion. The astragalus root in the serum and body oil lifts, tightens and removes surface impurities. In our foaming cleanser, licorice root purifies, decongests and detoxifies the skin while helping to balance oil. With every Cannabliss product, you’re experiencing an ecosystem of helpful, mutually beneficial ingredients, all working with each other to make your skin look and feel its best.

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